Expertise : 8 Areas

Area 1 : Telecommunication & Internet
Telecommunication & Internet: PDH, SDH, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Wireless LAN in 2.4 GHz, Wi-Fi, Wireless Telephony, Rural Telephony, Internet Broadband, etc.

Area 2 : Energy
Energy Sector: Command Control and Fault Management .

Area 3 : Biomedical Sector
MRI & Scan Imaging, etc.

Area 4 : Project Management.
Project organization, Team building and Team Leading, project ramp up.

Area 5 : Quality & Organization
Roadmap to Certification and project quality Insurance etc.

Area 6 : Software Design & Development
Timing your project for great achievement and targets is our added value. We use the latest tools and technology.

Area 7 : Defense Sector
Acreditation for NATO or non NATO projects.

Area 8 : Environment Sector
Environment Sector : Helping to build the world we need for the next generation and for our children.

Oxford Consultech Limited provides affordable, fast and reliable broadband internet solutions