Case Study

Lome, Togo: VSAT signal plus Wi-Max network

Contact: Mr. Marc
Project description: Provide mobile telephony (include digital lines) e internet. At the PSTN, Mr Marc should provide about 1000 lines to use before injecting into the Base Station. Point to point Link from the SKA DT to SKA AdediKope then the main server at SKA AdediKope to spread to the remote area up to 50km for distribution and another P2P up to 300km.

Lome, Togo: VSAT signal plus Wi-Max network

Contact: Emmanuel GBADAMASSI, Bibliothèque Diocésaine. Saint Augustin
Project description: Creation of a Private Network to share resources for Bibliotheque Diocesan – Archdiocese of LOME, TOGO.

Burkina Faso: VSAT signal to provide INTERNET by USB key on Wi-Max Network

Contact: Mr Bakouan and Nassa Idrissa director of Coris Bank
Project description: Provide internet through a wireless card usb to be connected to a Wi-Max network throughout the city.

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The Connectivity Project mainly aims to integrate rural and urban areas in the state of Chiapas, Mexico by network technology using VSAT.

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